Jimmy Green Spey-O-Rama

 Friday, April 21st, 2023 thru Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

The Jimmy Green World Championship of Spey Casting

2022 Spey-O-Rama results

The 2022 Jimmy Green Spey-O-Rama returned to the casting ponds in Golden Gate Park after a 2 year pause for the global pandemic. Once again the flags from around the world flew high around the grass on a spectacular spring weekend. Though many countries normally represented at the event were not able to participate this year, the Club was honored to host a colorful and potent group of casters and to renew our commitment to the international spey scene. Participants old and new were deeply gratified to be able to gather and compete. Spirits were high and the fellowship of spey that this event is so known for beat in the hearts of competitors and spectators alike.

New names rose up to the top of the leader board. The Men's Open competition was won by Garret Strickland of the infamous Hoodoo Sandy River Tribe with an combined score of 560 and a longest cast for his category of 149'. Second place was taken by David Wang with a combined total of 548. Third place was cast out by Joel Phillips with 514.

Valerio Santagostino of Milan Italy won the seniors division with a long cast of 150 and a combined total of 577. Second was Tom Olson with a total of 541' and third was our own Ed Felice who cast a combined total of 520' The Women's division was a tightly contested cast off with Kim Lyons bombing out a combined total of 489' and a long cast of 137'. Close on her heels was Donna Sullivan with a total of 482" followed by Samantha Brophy at 242'.

We came, we cast, we kicked coronavirus in the teeth for a weekend. It was a resounding success. All of the GGACC volunteers helped to pull off a spectacularly hosted weekend of tournament casting. The new BBQ and smoker ran all weekend and created memorable meals for all attendees, The anglers lodge and the casting ponds shined as only they can for the event and we are looking forward to the competition next year.

2019 Spey-O-Rama results

The 2019 Jimmy Green Spey-O-Rama Spey-O-Rama was a great success and Congratulations to all who competed. 

The world championship of Spey casting, was held at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club (GGACC) in San Francisco, California from Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th, 2019.

During our spring weather weekend we had competitors participating from all over the world including: Japan, South Korea, Russia, Serbia,Canada, US, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Argentina.

The competition results are impressive starting with Ireland's Gerard Downey. Gerard again won the overall men's title with a four-cast total of 720 feet.  The competition's longest cast was also owned by Gerard at 191 feet. In second place was Tommy Aarkvisla with a four-cast total of 695 feet. In third place was Zack Williams with a four-cast total of 688 feet and the second longest cast of 185 feet.

Whitney Gould won her seventh Spey-O-Rama women's title with a four-cast total of 529 feet. Mia Sheppard came in second place with a four-cast total of 506 feet. Kara Knight came in third place with a four-cast total of 506 feet and she had the longest cast at 136 feet. 

The men's senior title went to Martin Kiely or Ireland (photo below) with a four-cast total of 631 feet and the world record longest cast of 169 feet. Martin broke the his world record of last year. Milos Vasiljevic came in second with a four-cast total of 572 feet. Jeon Lee who placed second in last years senior mens, came in third this year with a total four-cast of 536 feet.

For the complete wrap up visit Fly Fishing Research for more information.

Photos by George Nikitin

If you wish to compete, the details and registration form are SoR 2023 Registration, you may also reserve a spot by emailing SpeyORama.ggacc@gmail.com

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