Shooting Head & Sinking Line Casting Seminar: LTFF and General Membership

  • 18 Feb 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • GG Casting ponds --Docks 3 and 4 (West End)
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LTFF Level 3 Registration is now open.  LTFF Level 3 students have received a required registration code to complete priority registration.  

Registration for the general membership (club members who are not in LTFF Level 3 2023 class) will open on Monday, January 9th at 12 noon to fill the remaining openings in the 30 student class.   At that time, no registration code will be necessary to register.

This "Shooting Head and Sinking Line Casting Seminar" to be held on Saturday, February 18, 2023, from 9AM-12pm.    This seminar is primarily for those registered 2023 Level 3  students in the club's "Learn to Fly Fish" Program (LTFF) who are planning to attend the LTFF Level 3 Pyramid Lake, Shad, Surf, or Striper fish-outs in 2023 where these casting skills are often required.   

A pre-fishout zoom call will be hosted by Willy George on February 1st from 7-8:30pm so students can prepare their gear appropriately for a successful clinic.  Registered students will be provided with zoom call details prior to February 1st.

Please read below as all registrants need to bring their own gear.

You may be interested to learn that many important elements of shooting head systems were developed on our casting ponds by our own GGACC members. 

Willy George will lead this seminar with support from our GGACC casting instructor crew.   Topics will include:

-       A review of where and why these rigs are used

-       A discussion of the various types of shooting head, sinking line, and sink tips etc. available, including the pro’s/con’s of each and their fishing application

-       Demonstration, instruction, and on-the water practice of techniques necessary to effectively cast and manage these rigs, including retrieval techniques for various fishing and target species

Note:  this clinic is for SINGLE HANDED RODS ONLY (safety issues prohibit casting two handed rods with these rigs on the GGACC ponds)

All registered attendees must bring a single handed fly rod/reel (6-8 wt recommended)

as well as at least one of the following shooting head or sinking line systems:

  • A shooting head and a running line

    Shooting heads come in various weights, often one or two weights heavier than your rod weight and also various sink rates according to the type of fishing you are doing

  • A fully integrated sinking line

    Full sinking lines should match your rod weight and the sink rate of the line should be determined by the type of fishing you are doing

  • A floating line with a sink tip

    Sink tip lines are a compromise and are not as effective as the above two systems

  • Each of the above systems needs a simple, level (not tapered) leader, for example 6 to 8 feet of 12 - 15 pound nylon leader material and a yarn fly

Don't forget your hats and eyewear for safety reasons.  Even though only yarn flies are allowed for this practice, some of those heavy sink heads and tips can cause harm.   You will not fully benefit from the seminar without having at least one of these line types and the appropriate matching rod/reel.

To that end, a zoom call will be held with Willy George February 1st form 7-8:30pm where registered participants can obtain a “gear pre-briefing” and ask questions so you can purchase the appropriate items for this February 18th casting seminar.   Details for this call will be provided to registered participants, along with a short pre-study document.

There is no fee for this clinic to be hosted by Willy George and his volunteer casting instructors, but all participants must be registered to participate in this event .

For more info, contact Bruce Greenwood

or Willy George,

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