LTFF Upper Sac Fish-out -- Level 2 Students

  • 20 May 2022
  • 23 May 2022
  • 2 sessions
  • 20 May 2022, 7:30 AM (PDT) 22 May 2022, 5:00 PM (PDT)
  • 21 May 2022, 7:30 AM (PDT) 23 May 2022, 5:00 PM (PDT)
  • Upper Sacramento River, Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort
  • 3


  • Upper Sac Fishout...guided fishing on Saturday May 21. Arrival Friday evening, departure Sunday morning
  • Upper Sac Fish-out...guided fishing on Sunday May 22. Arrival Saturday evening, departure Monday morning


LTFF Upper Sacramento River Fish-outs -- Level 2 Students only 

These two Upper Sac River Fish-outs on May 20-May 23 (Group 1, fishing with guides on May 21)  and May 21-23 (Group 2, fishing on May 22) are exclusively intended for currently registered Level 2 students in the GGACC's "Learn to Fly Fish" (LTFF) program.  Online registration for these fish-outs will be opened at a date and time to be announced to the entire LTFF Level 2 Class via email. Registration for these fish-outs is limited and based on a first-to-register basis only.  There will be 6 openings for each group.  Registration is limited to only one group initially, with 2 fish day options opened afterward as availability allows (per LTFF Program Leader discretion).

The Upper Sacramento River is one of Northern California's best known fly fishing rivers for rainbow and brown trout due to all the wadeable riffles and pocket water, especially in its upper stretches, which are relatively easy to access from both Interstate 5 and the railroad tracks that parallel much of the river from Lamoine at the south end up to the Cantara railroad bridge that's just north of the historic town of Dunsmuir.  Unlike the Lower Sacramento River, a big tailwater river, that flows out of Lake Shasta, this upper river follows a much more picturesque landscape of forested mountain sides and canyons, including the stunning mountain crags in Castle Crags State Park that borders this river. Most of the I-5 exits along the interstate here lead to some sort of access to the river.  

Join this fish-out to learn some of the very best places to fish this gorgeous river from our Confluence Outfitter guides.  We plan to have 2 guides, with a guide to student ratio of 1:3.

Pending further announcement, we will meet up with the guides at 8:30 AM at a location to be communicated later to all registrants. 

Registration fees include ingredients for you to make your own lunch at the campground prior to morning departure.  You are expected to arrive at the meeting spot, wader up and be ready to listen/learn. The fish-out leader will distribute flies to you and assign you to your guide for the day.  The guide will instruct you how to rig up and go over other subjects starting at 9AM before getting you on the water. 

Gear Needed:  Other than any camping gear that you may decide to bring, your fishing and other gear should include:  a 4 or 5 wt fly rod with floating line, at least 2-3 9ft. 4X leaders, mono tippet spools in 3X-5X, fluoro tippet in 4X-5X, a few medium sized indicators of your choice, split-shot in at least AB & BB sizes, forceps, nippers, gel (or liquid) silicone fly floatant, dry-shake desiccant floatant, and a small or medium sized fly box (preferably watertight).   Flies will be provided as part of the registration fees.  Entomology and fly imitations will be discussed in prep meetings prior to the fish-out to help you purchase some extra flies to bring along or tie your own before the trip. 

Bring a pack of some sort, or a fishing vest with a large back pocket, suitable to carry your fishing gear, lunch, and at least one liter of drinking water, plus a packable rain jacket or water resistant shell if there is any chance of rain or cool weather.  You must have a wading staff with a lanyard, a hat with brim or bill, polarized sunglasses, and at least one wading belt for your waders.  

Bring waders and wading boots (felt-soled or studded rubber-soled) and, if you think that you might prefer to wet-wade if it's really hot, a pair of neoprene guard socks (to wear over cotton wading socks to both fill your wading boots and help keep sand out of your socks). This river may be running pretty high still due to snow-melt and running pretty cold, so be sure you bring waders along in your vehicle no matter what you decide to do there.

Don't forget your CA 2022 fishing license (it's a long drive back to get a duplicate copy), also sunscreen, and bug repellent.   Optional gear includes sungloves, a buff, a landing net on a stretchy lanyard, a marine safety whistle, tiny first aid kit, small toilet paper or kleenex pack, and a little notebook & pencil and maybe a stream thermometer if you are really getting into it.  

Camping or Lodging Options:   We have reserved group campsites at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort, which is a short distance first to the west and then south of the I-5 exit near the town of Mt. Shasta.  (Use Google or other map apps to get interstate exit and street directions to the resort.)  Travel time from the City is about 4-1/2 hours -- without accounting for traffic, so be sure to leave early enough to not be making others unhappy by setting up your camp after most others have gone to sleep.  

Group 1 and Group 2 each have separate, overlapping two-night reservations at the campground (overlap is Saturday night).   Fees for these campsites are included in the registration fees.  Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort will have restroom facilities available for campers.   You must bring your own camping and cooking gear and food/drink for your stay at Lake Siskiyou.

Camping is strongly encouraged to get better acquainted with your fellow students. However, if you need a motel instead, there are motel accommodations possible in the nearby towns of Mt. Shasta, Dunsmuir, and McCloud. 

This fish-out is limited to the first 12 of the Level 2 students to register (two groups of 6 students).  The time and date that online registration opens will be announced to the class by email.  

Registration fee of $275.00 is non-refundable and covers the guide's fee (but not guide gratuities of $25-50 per day per person), flies, and campground fees. It does not cover your travel costs, motels (if you decide not to camp), food (except lunch), or guide gratuities. Online payment of registration fee must be made within 15 minutes of starting the registration steps and your registration is not completed until notice shows of email confirmation sent. 

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