LTFF Level 3/4 Shooting Head and Sinking Line Clinic

  • 19 Jun 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Golden Gate Park casting ponds (1232 JFK Dr., across from the Buffalo Paddock), San Francisco


This "Shooting Head and Sinking Line Casting Clinic" to be held on Saturday, June 19th 2021, is only for those current LTFF Level 3/4  students in the club's "Learn to Fly Fish" Program who have already acquired the necessary gear for this and are planning to attend the LTFF Level 3/4 s Surf, Striper, Pyramid Lake, or Steelhead fish-outs this year where these casting skills are likely or often needed.   (Pyramid Lake and Steelhead events are yet to be announced)

Clinic attendees are reminded to bring your own fly rod and other gear, including waders if you wish to get in the ponds, but also whatever appropriate shooting head or sinking line gear you own now or intend to fish with. This gear includes rods, reels, lines, leaders, and in particular, shooting heads, running lines, sinking lines, and sink tips.  Don't forget your hats and eyewear for safety reasons.  Even though only yarn flies are allowed for this practice, some of those heavy sink heads and tips can cause harm. 

If you also have a line management device, such as a stripping basket worn around the waist, you should bring that as well.  Use of a stripping basket will be demonstrated, and this is a chance for you to practice and receive coaching as well.

Please note:  this class is for single handed rods only due to available space and safety concerns.  Please do not bring two-handed rods and attempt shooting head casts during this class event.

Q&A on shooting heads and sinking lines/tips starting at 8:00AM:    Come to the ponds early on this morning for both a discussion and Q&A on what some of the various options are for shooting heads, sinking tips, and sinking lines these days with all the available lines and casting styles in use today.  

Steve Morikawa and his team of instructors will offer thoughts about what works well for various fisheries and lead a Q&A session to answer some of your questions and hopefully clear up some of the confusion you may have now about sinking set-ups for strictly single-handed rods, which will be the focus of this clinic.  

You are encouraged to break out your own sinking shooting head, commando head, sink tip, integrated sink-tip line, or full sinking line set-up (that you plan to cast with later in the casting portion of this clinic starting around 9:00AM) to be inspected and discussed with you about the suitability of this rig for your intended fishing destinations this coming year.  Who knows, you might learn about other options here that may work even better for you.

Finally, we are asking all attendees to plan to stay after the class for a GGACC loaner rod refurbishment party.  This is an annual project done by the current LTFF class and is a fun way to get to know the GGACC casting instructors as well as your LTFF cohorts.  You have a great opportunity to give back to the club (especially after a fantastic FREE shooting head clinic).   As an added bonus, you will get a hands on opportunity to learn how to completely set up a single handed rod, including practice tying nail nots, and properly maintain your rod setup.

This event is open to current LTFF Level 3/4 students only.

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