Striper Clinic for LTFF Striper Fish-out

  • 08 Sep 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Anglers Lodge, GG Park



This LTFF Striper Clinic will be held at the Angler's Lodge at 7:00pm on Thurs., Sept. 8, 2021 is for LTFF Level 3/4 who want to pursue Striped Bass with a fly rod around the San Francisco Bay, in the O'Neill Forebay at San Luis Reservoir, or elsewhere. 

Due to current Covid restrictions, this event is open ONLY to current LTFF Level 3/4 students.

Attendance at this clinic is required for all 2021 LTFF Level 3/4 students hoping to register for the LTFF Level 3/4 O'Neill Forebay Striper Fish-out on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 (for which you must supply your own personal watercraft such as a float tube, pontoon boat, kayak, pram, etc. & PFD's are mandatory)), since this clinic is being offered in lieu of any fish-out pre-meeting.  

Our presenter Bill Scharninghausen, a long-time Northern California angler and guide, has conducted striped bass clinics in past years for the California Fly Shop, the GGACC, and many other fly fishing clubs. He has a wealth of striper fly fishing experience gained at O'Neill, San Luis, and the Delta as well as around our immediate coastal and bay areas.

Whether out on open-bodies of water or casting from the shore of our tidal waters, striper fly fishing can be challenging, and at times a little risky, so Bill’s presentation can make all the difference in preparing you to enjoy this experience safely and still catch more fish.

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