Spey Angler/Improver Programs

Spey Angler Program

GGACC's Spey Angler program is unique, in that its goal is to actually teach anglers how to fish with a double-handed rod. This class is more than a casting lesson.

On Saturday we cover the fundamentals of Spey in a classroom setting, then quickly move to the ponds to learn the fundamental Spey casts. We meet Saturday @ 9AM in Anglers Lodge in our waders - leave spiked boots outside. We then move into the ponds from 10AM - 3PM with appropriate breaks.

Sunday we head to the American River in the Sacramento area and learn to fish the casts learned on Saturday. We then add sink tips to replicate real world conditions. Also covered are rotation fishing, river courtesy and fighting and landing steelhead and salmon. Sunday we start at 8:30AM ready to cast (waders, etc.) at one of several locations to be provided on Saturday. We finish between 1-2PM. Maximum class size 5. You must be a GGACC member, and there is a $100 fee for the class, to be paid on line.

Your instructors will be Bill Gallogly, Bob Pauli and Steve Morikawa.

Registration requires confirmation of one's fishing experience and single-handed casting skills via a questionnaire. To register, start by contacting Bill Gallogly (Slazanger2@icloud.com). Use the word "Spey" in the email subject line. Registration entails the following first 5 steps.

  1. Send a request; you will then receive a questionnaire.
  2. Return completed questionnaire to Bill Gallogly.
  3. Questionnaire approval and membership verification.
  4. GGACC website fee payment. (Payment link will be provided.)
  5. Email notification of acceptance in program.
  6. There will be a standby list to accommodate cancellations.

The club has loaner rods, reels and lines available. Bring waders, boots, wading staff, eye protection, hat, lunches for both days, and a folding chair for Sunday at the American River. Again, students are welcome to use the club's high end, superbly matched Spey rods and lines each day.

Class Dates 2018:

  1. January 6-7
  2. January 27-28
  3. October 20-21
  4. December 15-16

Spey Improver Program

This is a one day long class directed at those GGACC members who have taken the GGACC Spey Angler program, or who have experience fishing with a two-handed rod. Class size limited to 5 members.

Items covered will include Single Spey and Snake Roll casts, with Skagit, Scandi and Long Belly lines. We will also focus on non-dominate hand casting.

Spey Improver Program classes will be held on the American River (conditions permitting). Students will be notified of the access point several days before the class. Students should have Skagit and Scandi heads, tips (floating, intermediate and fast sinking) as well as a 12' tapered steelhead/salmon leader. Please, yarn flies only. Students should bring waders, boots, wading staff and belt, eye protection, sunscreen, hat, raingear, lunch and a folding chair. Be ready to start (in the water) at 8:30AM.

Your instructors will be Bill Gallogly, Bob Pauli and Steve Morikawa.

There is no fee for this program. There will be a waiting list to accommodate cancellations.

Interested members should contact Bill Gallogly at: Slazanger2@icloud.com. Please use the word "Spey" in the email subject line.

Class Dates 2018:

  1. March 17
  2. June 16

Questions? Please direct your inquiries to the appropriate mail box:

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