The World Championship of Spey Casting April 21- 23

The World Championship of Spey Casting April 21st - 23rd, 2017


• Age qualification for the senior division is 55 years or older.
• Any man meeting the age qualification can opt to compete in the Senior Division or the Men’s Division (not in both) and must register as such before competition begins. And likewise, any woman meeting the age qualification can opt to compete in the Senior Division or the Women’s Division (not in both) and must register as such before competition begins.

The “Spey for Trout” competition will be held again and it will be all for fun
• Three person teams (Fly Shops, Rod/Reel/Line Manufacturers, Clubs - team members may be recruited)
• Maximum 12.5 ft Rod Length (must be available off-the-shelf)
• Floating line required – any type (must be available off-the-shelf)
• Any type Spey cast technique, but must employ an anchor
• Three targets at 50, 65 & 80 ft, one cast at each target
• Casting order determined by draw
• Team with highest accuracy score wins

We will have additional officials on the banks to verify and record the scores. This should make for more precise distance measurements, as suggested by the competitors.

Spey Casting Competition


Rod: Can be any make or manufacturer The rod shall not be longer than 15’1” Line: Floating synthetic line, either full line or shooting head. No restrictions on running line.
Leader: 9 foot minimum, 15 foot maximum.
Fly: Will be supplied **
Equipment check will be performed prior to casting by the competitor for both the qualifying and final rounds.

Required casts

Casters can use whatever cast they choose in four situations:
Line from the right – over right shoulder and over left shoulder
Line from the left – over right shoulder and over left shoulder

Casting rules

Change of direction will be set by markers at about 40 degrees (same as 2010) Caster will be in water – about 3 feet deep
There will be a barrier 33 feet behind the caster. No penalty for hitting it, but it will affect the cast
Fly must anchor in front of caster
If Perry Poke used, only one “dump” allowed per cast and fly may not leave water on “dump”.
Perry Poke (or similar casts using a “dump” or “poke”) can only be used with lines of head length up to 55’, measured from tip of line to start of level running line.
Once a cast is begun, it counts as a scoring cast.
An inadvertent “extra” cast in a required category will not be counted against the caster’s allowed casts in any other category, but will use the caster’s time.

The Competition

Qualifying will be held on Saturday morning with top 10 casters going to finals on Sunday morning.
Casting order by random draw for qualifying and final rounds.
Casters (or representative) must be present for the random draw.


• 3 casts each for the 4 required casts. Score is total of best distances for each of the 4 required casts.
• 2 minute warm-up, time starts once caster steps in the water •Time limit is 6 minutes for the 12 required casts


• 3 casts each for the 4 required casts. Score is total of best distances for each of the 4 required casts.
• 2 minute warm-up, time starts once caster steps in the water •Time limit is 6 minutes for the 12 required casts

Friday practice time (20 min) at official casting station can be reserved by signup.

Women's Division

The Women's Division will have the same rules as the Men's Division, with one exception:
The casting station for women will be at the 50 foot mark in the pool, 20 feet farther forward than the casting station for men. We will have separate markers for line placement to start the casts, so the angle change will be exactly the same as for men. The time allotted to women, shall commence when they get to the casting station.
Note: The purpose and effect of this one rule difference is to make the water shallower (6-7") to compensate for the differences in height between men and women.


In the event of a tie for any place, the tie will broke by totaling each competitor’s second best casts in each of the four categories.

Perry Poke

We want to include all styles of casting as they continue to evolve through the efforts of innovative casters. Jimmy Green was not a traditionalist, but an innovator who encouraged and invented better equipment, casting techniques and fishing methods. Skagit casting, using compact heavy heads, is not only an effective casting and fishing style, but was developed with help from Jimmy over a decade ago. We are therefore deliberately including Skagit-style casts and equipment in this competition.
We will allow the Perry Poke (or similar casts involving a “dump” or “poke” of line to the water) to be used only with Skagit-type equipment, which means short heads, 55’ or under. This will not allow a “poke” with longer headed lines, which could distort the competition to emphasize switch casts over all others.

Competitor Sign-up is HERE

Glen Nagumo
Chief Judge

Photo: Whitney, casting
Photo by George Nikitin

If you wish to compete, the registration form is here, you may also reserve a spot by emailing Libby Wolfensperger here.

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