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  • 03 Jun 2018
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Rondy:  Fall River  

Dates:  June 1-3, 2018  

Leader:  Mark Millonas, 831-246-0343  mailto:millonam@gmail.com

Number of anglers:  5

Description:  This will be a guided 3-day Rondy on the Fall River in California.  The trip is set up to provide a good intro to Fall River fly fishing, to connect people with a group of excellent guides, and to others from the club who might want to go back in the future on their own. The Fall Riverfed by aquifers coming from the snows and glaciers of Mount Shasta, is the nation’s largest spring system, and one of the richest spring fed rivers in the world.  It is also the finest spring creek fly fishing opportunity in California, and one of the best in the United States. Nearly impossible to wade, and bordered almost entirely by private land, we will be fishing from 3 boats with two anglers and an experienced guide in each.  Participants will switch boats and fishing partners each day to get to know each of the guides, and more of the club members. Information on lodging options will be sent out to participants, who will make their own arrangements, and we will meet for dinner together each night after fishing. Those that wish to share a room should have a good chance to communicate with the others in the group beforehand. 

Suggested Gear:  5 or 6 wt single handed rods, ideally two rods, one rigged up to fish dry flies and the other with a very slow sinking line for fishing below the surface. The guides themselves can provide gear if needed. Indicators will not be used on this trip, but those with limited experience in fishing this type of river are welcome, and Bob Pauli who has a house on the Fall has agreed to host a get-together on the ponds before the trip to go over the gear and possibly practice some of the necessary skills. Rods with a more moderate action are preferable, if you have them, to protect the very light tippet we will be fishing to large but very wary trout.  A more detailed description of the typical gear and techniques used on the Fall will be sent to registrants. 

Cost:  The fee for this Rondy is $700.  

Other expenses will be lodging and guide gratuities. 

Cancellation Policy:  There are no refunds.  In the event that a member is, for any reason, unable to attend, he may resell his slot (rod) to another GGACC member (by first pulling from the waitlist if one exists).  It is the sole responsibility of the member to manage this transaction.  This is not the responsibility of the leader or club.

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