Learn to Fly Fish -STEP 2 "Novice" Class Day 1 (1st Saturday)

  • 03 Mar 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Anglers Lodge (Board Room) & Ponds (center & east only)
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All remaining openings in next year's 2018 LTFF Novice are reserved for those who have petitioned for and are pre-approved by the program director to initially join the program in the 2nd year based on their prior experience.  

Novices' Class Day 1 will be Saturday, March 3, 2018 and Novice Class Day 2 will be held on Sat., March 17, as also shown on the calendar now. 

This Step 2 - Novice Class is primarily for the 2nd year student in the GGACC's typically 3-year long fly fishing instructional program. This event is the 1st of two "class days" for the 2nd year (Novice) students in the "Learn to Fly Fish" (LTFF) program.  The two-day Novice Class cost is $125.

This Step 2 Novice class and all scheduled Novice fish-outs are open to club members only, and primarily only to those students who were in last year's Step 1 Beginners' Class or someone from last year's Novice Class who wishes to repeat this class to polish their skills before moving up to the Step 3 Intermediate Class next year.  

This class will be limited to 20 students.  Priority goes to last year's Beginners but, if there are still class openings after January 1st, other club members who possess basic fly fishing knowledge and casting skill (i.e., they know how to rig up and fish nymph and dry-dropper set-ups and wade fish small rivers on their own) may be allowed to join this class upon approval of the LTFF program director  (Email the contact below to initiate such request.)

The Novice Class Days are designed to advance the beginner in the art of fly fishing and these two scheduled class days (Saturday, March 3, and Saturday, March 17) will provide both classroom instruction and specialized casting instruction as preparation for each scheduled Novice Class Fish-out. As such, participation in these class days is a prerequisite to attending the Novice fish-outs. Signing up for the March 3 class automatically registers you for the second class day. 

This class and most fish-outs in the LTFF program do require the payment of fees to cover only the club's costs for hosting or reserving each event. The $125 fee for this two-day class covers all the classroom instructional materials and lunches, and can be paid online via PayPal when registering for this Novice class on the March 4th date.

The Novice Class Days will take a more advanced look at gear, entomology, reading water, knots, and similar topics. Club mentors will work with the students "in" the ponds to learn to cast tighter loops, make mends and specialized casts, and haul and shoot line. 

The first class day (Mar. 3) will begin with "in-pond" casting instruction from 8:30AM to NOON for the Novice class, so bring waders and boots, in addition to your fly rod (4-7wt, with floating line), eyewear, hat, and appropriate clothingThe second class day (March 17) will start with Novices in the classroom.

We will be teaching both the Beginner and Novice Classes on the same (2) dates this year again, with each class rotating between the clubhouse and ponds on a half-day basis. A good lunch will be provided for everyone before switching.

At least (3) mentored or guided Novice fish-outs are being planned for this year, with the possible addition of one or more others. They will be posted to the club calendar and notice provided to registered class members when they can sign up for each fish-out. 

The opening of registration for next year's LTFF Novice Class (for the current year's registered Beginners Class) and enrollment in this March 3rd Novice Class Day 1 will be announced via personal email to the Beginners in the late fall of 2017.  After this preliminary registration targeted at the current Beginners, any remaining spots in the next year's Novice class are reserved for those who have been pre-approved and invited to first join the program at the Novice class level based on an evaluation by the program director of their prior fly fishing experience and casting skills that may warrant skipping the 1st year. 

Remember that you must be a current club member for all of 2018 to be eligible to continue to register for and participate in this program (click on the "JOIN" tab on the website home page to find the membership renewal option in the dropdown menu). Annual dues paid in the last 2 months of the current year typically give you active member status for the following calendar year. 

This 3-year Learn to Fly Fish Program is intended to build on the club's monthly casting instruction offered free to the public and to help club members in those casting classes to better transition from the casting ponds to fishable waters and learn how to fly fish in a wide variety of fisheries in California and other states.  It is also a wonderful way to gain new friends and life-long fishing buddies. 

The cost of the individual fish-outs will be listed on their separate event pages.  The cost for the Novice fish-outs will range from $100-250, excluding any guide gratuities, driving expense, and campground or motel costs. Only students who have signed up for the class days will receive an email notice of when a fish-out is opened for their online sign-up and payment. 

Note: There may not be quite enough spots available for all 20 students to attend each fish-out. These spots can only be offered on a first come basis, so you are encouraged to sign up quickly. Students who register and pay for a fish-out and later learn that they can't make it for any reason will be solely responsible for finding their own replacement --including collecting whatever they can get for their spot. Club refunds for classes or fish-outs are NOT generally possible.

Program Director:
John Murphy (jmurphy7599@gmail.com)

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